Dropping by Nice View Daycare

We as Nice View Reporters visited the daycare in Nice View and spoke with the mamas and played with the children.

We were at Nice View Gratitude day care and we met Anna and Epiphania. We wanted to know how their work is done and the challenges that they face. One of the challenges is parents taking their children to school without sweaters, during cold weather and also during the rainy seasons. The children can´t play outdoor games. This forces her to take the children to the yoga room for some activities.

We asked one of the teachers how much salary is she paid per month. And she said the salary is a private matter. That was our last question and we thanked them for their co-operation. (Team 1)

We were at Nice View daycare. We interviewed the teachers and children and took photos. The children were so happy and some were shy.

We interviewed one mama and she said one of the challenges is that the parents don´t bring the children early. The children don´t come early but still the mamas love the children.

After the interview the mama took the children to the toilet and after that they went for break.

We said goodbye  to the happy daycare and had learned something about the daycare. (Team 2)