About Nice View

Nice View Children’s Village was founded in 2000 in the town of Msambweni in Southern Kenya. It takes in orphaned and neglected children and cares for them until they’re able to care for themselves. The Village offers a safe space, affection, balanced meals, and medical care as well as quality education including Kindergarten, high school, and vocational training.

Since 2008, Nice View has been running its own school that teaches children up to 8th grade. Other than the children from Nice View, 150 children from Msambweni also visit the school.

The Nice View Trust Foundation has founded some local enterprises that provide jobs and some of them also vocational training. These include farm, a carpenter’s workshop, a tailor’s shop, a boutique, and a book and stationary shop.

In 2014, a medical station opened in Msambweni. It specializes in medical services for women and children.

Nice View’s German base is located at the non-profit association Projekt Schwarz-Weiß e.V. in the Swabian town of Roggenburg.

Website of Nice View project: www.kenia-hilfe.com