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Team 2023

February 2023: This year’s edition of the Nice View Reporter Club focused on climate change. Dorcas Wakio, a climate activist from Ukunda, joined as a special guest. The club divided into three groups and interviewed different people affected by climate change like local fishermen, a hotel manager and medical trainees. They also went to the Marine Education Center in Diani Beach to learn about sea life and the importance of plastic recycling.

What is your favorite animal?

Team 2022

February 2022: After the 2021 break because of the corona virus pandemic, the Nice View Reporters had a comeback with some “old hands” as well as beginners. This time, it was explanatory videos filmed with mobile phones. Three teams of student reporters were busy developing stories about interesting facts, and how to explain them to someone who doesn’t know of them yet. For the videos, a script had to be created, different techniques of filming were tested, recording of video and audio had to be done. Each team was supported by a teacher, and by a bulk of Mzungus from FLMH, Berlin, stumbling over their own feet.

What makes you happy?

Team 2020

In 2020, again many people contributed to the Nice View Reporter blog. Everyone worked together on photo reporting, podcast and video reporting. The students did the main work: They developed ideas and scripts, took pictures, conducted interviews, wrote articles, recorded audios, prepared film sets and did the filming. The teachers were an irreplacable support in every respect. And the Mzungus from FLMH did their best, which was not much.

When do you feel strong?

Team 2019

Many people contributed to this blog. First of all, there were the students, who came up with ideas, took pictures, conducted interviews, and wrote articles. Then there were the teachers, who were ready to support them at any time. Finally, the Mzungus from FLMH, who were also there, but who were mostly in everybody’s way.