Reports from Msambweni

Here you can find all stories researched and written from the reporters of Nice View Academy.


At the dawn of 2020 the world witnessed the rise of a monstrous mysterious disease by the name novel corona


The Nice View Gratitude Academy reporters visited Colobus Conservation in Diani (Kenya), a not-for-profit organisation designed to promote the conservation,


It was on Wednesday morning when our Nice View Reporter team visited the Base Titanium Mine which is Kenya’s largest


Interview with Valentina Bowyer, Base Titanium Public Relations Officer, on questions concerning people.


Interview with Valentina Bowyer, Base Titanium Public Relations Officer, on environmental questions.


Interview with Valentina Bowyer, Base Titanium Public Relations Officer, on technical questions.


Episode 1: A visit to the Marine Education Centre in Diani, Kwale, Kenya The Marine Education Centre in Diani opened


We as Nice View Reporters visited the daycare in Nice View and spoke with the mamas and played with the children.




Msambweni sub-county has really developed in terms of infrastructure. For example; transport and communication, water projects, culture and even medical


We were privileged to host the KPSA ball games due to the availability of sports resources. The following are the

shops – swabrina 2

We visited shops in Msambweni to get some information about shop business. We interviewed the following shops: Form 345 shop, Abikari shop, Mwanaulu shop, Swabrina hardware, Baba pendo respectively. We started with Form 345 shop.


Each day almost 150 pupils eat lunch in Nice View School. To prepare the food, they have their own kitchen. Some of the product, for example chicken and vegetables are produced by the school farm. Their food is prepared by Chief Abinayo. He is the cook. Together with his team he is responsable for the weekly menu.

Rubbish plastic

Every Wednesday Werner and Isabelle from the Mbuyu Beach Bungalows are cleaning the beach. This made us aware of the plastic problem and we decided to research more about this topic.


Mister Abdallah is our teacher and he is also a football fanatic.

01-IMG_2997 2

Msambweni junction is the place where most of the boda boda and matatus gather for their daily business. It is in a strategic position nearby Msambweni hospital and market, where the riders find many customers.


This is our beloved chief of Msambweni, Juma Nasoro. The most polite chief ever seen. He is as good as gold and very humble.


We visited the Ocean Spa Lodge in Msambweni as Nice view reporters in order to interview the managers, employees and the guests. In a spur of a moment, we entered the resort.


My expirience as a journalist: Getting humble people was easy but communication was hard.

farm – the interview real smal

We as Nice View Reporters visited the farm in order to interview the farmer. As we expected, we met the farmer. His name is Ayub Wanyonyi. He is the manager of the farm.


What I learned in the last three days was that doing research on the computer was easy but asking questions in the field was hard.


I do love my job because teaching is a calling and no one forced me to do it as my career.


Some of the people in our school do have hobbies and talents. Some of them are: playing football, dancing, swimming, and many other.