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The Ocean Spa Lodge in Msambweni

February 7, 2019

As we walked inside the resort, we met Julia who is the manager and her husband Luka. Without hesitating we had a sit at the guest area and started the interview with the manager. We asked them how many guests come to their resort and she said that they have a place for about thirtyfive guests.

We also asked them what countries do their guest come from. She said that they come from different countries e.g. Europe, UK, USA etc. We asked, how much does it cost for one night. Five hundred dollars, she answered. We asked them when the business started. About five years ago, she said. The business has been running well since they started. We asked what are the important tasks as a manager. She said that she ensures that the guests are satisfied and happy.
The other thing is that they train some of the employees. When we asked her what are her future plans, she said that they go step by step. We were also excited to hear that most of the employees are from Msambweni (80%) and most of the guests visit Msambweni and Niceview Children Home.

The chefs at work at the kitchen.

Beautiful scenery of the beach in front of the Ocean Spa Lodge.


Pool attendant cleaning the pool.

The terrace leading to the guest area.

The guest area where visitors spend their time.

The Spa where one relax.

We later met Mary the employee whom we interviewed. We asked her what exactly her job is and she said she is a supervisor of the pools, laundry and a room division manager. We asked her what was her working time per day and she said she works for 8 hours. She also said that she had been working there since 2014 when they were planning to make the resort. She also said that she wishes that her children would succeed and help her.

Guest room with an already made bed.

Beautiful scenery of the garden.

The lodge where the gardener is taking care of the flowers.