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Author: f.lohmaier

Art & Craft

At Nice View Gratitude Academy, it’s important to get a time dedicated to art and craft lessons.

Indeed, art and craft lessons help to strengthen self-confidence for children. Making objects by their own means is a source of satisfaction, happiness and pride.

Yoga lesson

At Nice View Gratitude Academy, all of our students get the opportunity to do yoga sessions several times a week. Yoga allows them to focus easier, to feel more confident and to know themselves better.

Communication and Information Technology

To have a better understanding of our teaching environment and of our differentiating skills we wish our students get to learn, we present you few images of our computer room.

Our students learn how to use a computer as well as different software (learning the different parts of a computer, typing, easy programming, Word, Excel…)

Back-to-school season 2024

Last 10th of January, students of Nice View Gratitude Academy made their first day of school.
Teachers, Miss Lavender, Sir Victor, Sir Alain, Miss Dinah, Miss Constance, Miss Pauline, Miss Diana, Miss Jackline, Miss Esther, Miss Linet, Miss Immeldah, Miss Ruth, Sir Peter, Miss Doreen, Sir Salim, Sir Suleiman, Miss Bintihamisi, Sir Dominic, Sir Joshua and Sir Joseph are glad to find their students back for this new year 2024.
This new year represents the beginning of news actions which are conducted by our teaching staff. Let’s find them out together !

New tradition : SCHULTÜTE

2024 is the year for a new tradition : Schultüte ! It’s a tradition from Germany that occurs on the first day in primary school. A Schultüte (or academic cone) is a large cone filled with toys, sweets and school supplies.
The first Schultüte appeared at the beginning of the 19th century in the German’s states of Saxe and Thuringe. They are popular since then, but their look and content have evolved through time.
The legend said that theses cones grow in trees and when they touche the ground the time of back-to-school has come.
Pre-primary school is not mandatory in Germany. Schooling begins often with primary school at grade 1, it is a big step in life for them.
Furthermore, the school usually organizes a welcome party for the new students and make pictures of them with their Schultüte.
Therefore, our students of grade 1 have been given a Schultüte for their first day in primary school for the first time in Nice View Gratitude Academy history.

Challenges for 2024

Back-to-school season is also the opportunity to set new goals for this new year. Many exciting challenges await our teachers.
Lavender Achieng, general manager, said : “ The coming of new students and new teachers will bring new ideas. We already worked on our activity clubs to make them more active. I can say that the main challenge for this year will be to increase happiness. Even if our students already love our school, we will put all our efforts together, so they love it even more.”

In conclusion, our teaching staff is ready for 2024 and is glad to host and accompany our students for a successful school year.