We were privileged to host the KPSA ball games due to the availability of sports resources. The following are the Msambweni private schools which took part in the activity; Nice view gratitude Academy,

Msingibora Academy,Karama academy, Kag academy. They were all excited and ready to take part in the following games; handball, volleyball, football, legball and last but not least netball. The games kicked off at 8.00 am and we started with football.

The first game was between Nice view and Kag where nice view won 1-0. The win guaranteed them to play the next match where they had a tight match with Karama academy. At the end of the game Nice view managed to become the victors by winning 1-0. This second win made Nice view top the group by winning all their matches thus having 6 points out of two matches. The second position was taken by KAG academy. The two teams are to proceed to the next level.

In leg ball, our girls really made us proud by winning all their matches.

Their first match was against Msingi bora whom they thrashed three goals to nil. The girls really showcased their talent and outshined their opponents. The player of the match was Mwanajuma Swaleh who scored a hat-trick. Their second game was against KAG academy which NICEVIEW won one goal to nil. The win guaranteed them a move to the next level which is the sub-county as the first runners up. 

Our boys made us proud again for the second time by winning the volley ball match again.

The match was derby between us and our neighbours Karama Academy. At first they seemed to attack us again and again due to the two spikes right in front of their court. They won the first set but we were so keen an eyeing to win the second set so as to equalize the results. We won the second set and the third set in a row. The third set was very competitive and tricky for us but we emerged victors of two sets to nil.

In the girls category, we played against Msingi boar where our girls won by 2-0.

They proceeded to the final with Karama where they lost 2-1. They emerged position two and guaranteed themselves a chance to play in the sub-county level.

We also took part in netball for the first time ever and the results were good too.

Our boys played their first match against Karama where we lost 12-8. Our next game was against Msingi bora whom we beat 7-0. We emerged the second runners up and proceeded to the sub-county level. the day ended well.