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Shop Business

February 8, 2019

The owner is called Hamisi Chiwewe Ndegwe and he is 28 years old. He has done this shop business for 4 years. His family depends on it. Hamisi sells vegetables like kales, pig weed, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes and onions. Most of his products he buys from Kongowea market in Mombasa.

Hamisi also said that for one to start such a business, you need a capital of 30,000 shillings. Most of Hamisi’s customers come from the nearby hospital, and there are also those who bring patients. In order to win the confidence of his customers, he gives them a discount. Sometimes he offers credit to his customers.

Later on, we went to Abikari shop. The name of the employee is Abdhalla Rashid, who has been working there for a year. He buys his products from the main market in Ukunda. He heard that his employer needed a capital of one million to start the business. From the business, he earns 2,000 shillings per day. He also said that he advertises his business in the internet and at the local place. He reports that some customers buy on credit, but if it takes them a long time to pay back, he has to report them to the chief.

In the store there were food and snacks, and drinks. The shop is also an agent of the M-pesa company.

We also visited Mwanaulus bakery shop, where she sells food like vikarisho, mandazi etc. She said to have started the business long ago. She said that it is a personal business and she depends on it. They buy their own type of cooking materials and produce on their own.

They needed a capital of 30,000 shillings to start the business. They offer interesting and attractive goods, but anyway they get a low profit out of it. She said that they are always patient with their customers.

We also visited Swabrina hardware. We found the owner who told us his name is Abdalla Muhammed. He said it’s a personal business. He also said he has done the business for 4 years now. He buys his goods at the main market in Mombasa.

He posts his goods on the road side and in the internet. He gets above 3000 shillings profit per day. He’s patient with the customers who take long before paying his credit.

Last but not least we visited Fundi’s shop. We found him with a customer. He told us his name is Sabit Muleile. He told us that it’s a personal business and one of his future plans is to hire an assistant. He gets his materials from Mombasa hardware. He said for one to start such a business you need passion and a capital of 3000. He also said that he gets 300 as a daily benefit. He advertises his business through posting on the side of the road. One special thing is that he is patient with customers who take a long time without paying their credit.

Another task of our reportage was to make interviews with shop customers. Most of them were a little bit shy and did not want to be photographed. One was called Alima Rashid, buying clothes. She said that she buys often in the shop, feels well treated and gets a discount. Sometimes she pays cash, sometimes M-pesa.

This picture shows Malazi, who was buying soda drinks. He likes the shop and he is well treated but he goes their rarely.

He told us that he mostly pays cash and that he gets credit and a discount depending on the seller and type of goods bought.