The Farm at Nice View

We as Nice View Reporters visited the farm in order to interview the farmer. As we expected, we met the farmer. His name is Ayub Wanyonyi. He is the manager of the farm.
farm – the interview real smal

He told us that he keeps both livestock and crops. He said that his farm is divided into three portions: The livestock area, farmtool area, the shamba and the grazing field. He first took us at the farmtool area.

We saw the shovels, spade, jembes, brooms, wheelbarrow and finally the rake. He also showed us how to use some of the tools.

We later went to the shamba and saw different types of crops including the vegetables like spinach, tomatoes, pigweed and kales. He also said that he would use the sprinkler during the dry season. What is produced in the farm is used by the Niceview Home.

The sugarcane plants

Wanyonyi took us to where he keeps his animals, there we saw pigs in the sty, dog in the kennel, the geese in the fields and goats and sheeps grazing.

A dog in a kennel. He told us he keeps the dogs for security purpose and he takes care of the them by cleaning them daily and also washing their kennels and also feeding them with adequate food.

The pigs in the sty.

From their he took us to the grazing area where we saw goats and sheep.

The geese while eating.

The goats and sheep grazing.