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Interview with Reporter Innocent

February 6, 2019

Reporter:  What is your name?
Innocent: Innocent

Reporter: What are reporters?
Innocent: They are people who tell news.

Reporter: Which tools do you need?
Innocent: Cameras, books and computers.

Reporter: How do reporters work?
Innocent: Presenting news to the television.

Reporter: What are your topics?
Innocent: Tourism and Agriculture.

Reporter: What are the challenges you face?
Innocent: Rude citizens.

Reporter: How long do you work on a topic?
Innocent: One-two days.

Reporter: Which topic do you like to report on?
Innocent: Criminal cases.

Reporter: Which interviewer partner would you like to ask questions?
Innocent: Bernhard.

Reporter: In the last three days, what was easy and what was hard?
Innocent: Doing research on the computer was easy, but asking questions in the field was hard.

Reporter: What do you like about the job?
Innocent: Typing and writing information.