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December 29, 2020

At the dawn of 2020 the world witnessed the rise of a monstrous mysterious disease by the name novel corona virus which hit the world by surprise and took  the world into an era of dark ages. The world witnessed a lot of people being infected with a virus that had originated from Wuhan, China. With no time the virus had spread so fast to the rest of the world carrying with it very devastating consequences that were felt around the globe.

The world witnessed the rise of death cases since the virus was spreading at a very high rate, countries like china were the first and were hit so badly, there after other countries followed and a number of consequences followed due to the impact of the disease. Countries started flight and travel restrictions to different parts of the world to avoid and counter the quick spread of the disease. Unfortunately these restrictions accompanied great negative economic outcomes to many stable and unstable countries.

The pandemic did not just rampage the western world but it also extended its roots all the way to Africa, where diverse consequences could be felt as far as South Africa, the country of the great Nelson Mandela. Many world economies were shut down. Economic sectors like the tourist industry which were major sources of some countries’ foreign income got a very big blow leaving the citizens at the mercz of their governments and well wishers.


Schools too were not left out since they held a lot of students which could lead to faster spread of the disease. Hence there was need of an abrupt closure of schools and the children were sent home for compulsory holiday without knowing how long it would last. The students had to adapt to a new reality of not being in school and they had to have their studies at their homes. The closure of schools rendered teachers around the world jobless and most had to search for alternative jobs since they needed to survive.

Schools closed due to the corona pandemic.


The virus caused  medical frustrations since most of the hospitals around the world were receiving numerous numbers of the infected patients. The numbers were too high and kept on inflating the hospitals to an extend that new hospitals had to be constructed  within weeks.

                                                TRANSPORT SYSTEMS

The transport system was one of the largely affected sectors since people were not allowed to travel from one region to another for the fear of transferring the disease to new regions. This therefore left vacant roads everywhere countrywide. Its unbelievable that one could actually sleep on the road because there were no motor vehicles at all.

The clear roads due to the corona virus travel restrictions.

                                                MARKETS and TRADING AREAS

As the aspect of social distancing was being kept into effect and that the people were  not allowed to gather as per the law,  in Kenya for example the Bomani sunday market that used to vibrant and well packed with people from all over Msambweni to buy the items, it had been left desperate and the grass had begun sprawling in it since no gatherings were allowed.

The Bomani sunday market area south coast kenya after corona hit the country.

But of great importance and hope to the world is that scientists around the world are spending restless days and sleepless nights fighting to find the appropriate vaccine and probably the cure to corona so as the can save the world from this pandemic. Let us keep our great hopes in humanity and it shall come out of this as it always does in similar kinds of situations especially over the past decades.