Interview with Teacher Mr. Abdallah

Mister Abdallah is our teacher and he is also a football fanatic.

Every morning, Mr. Abdallah comes to work at Nice View Gratitude school.

At the gate, Mr. Abdallah is greeted by the security officer before heading to the staff room.

After greeting his fellow teachers, he signs the clocking-in and -out book.

Before attending his classes he shares a word with his fellow teachers concerning the previous classes.

He makes sure his teaching documents like the register, the lesson plan, schemes of work and records of work covered are all updated.

After teaching he uses the last ten minutes to attend to the weak learners.

At his free time he likes reading novels – for pleasure and to increase his level of vocabulary. He is also a football fanatic, so when the clock strikes 3.10 he takes his students to the football field for practice.

After the game at 5.30 he checks if his class is in order before he is free to go home.