The Problem of Plastic at the Beach and Everywhere

Every Wednesday Werner and Isabelle from the Mbuyu Beach Bungalows are cleaning the beach. This made us aware of the plastic problem and we decided to research more about this topic.
Rubbish plastic

We started walking around our village and talked with some of our neighbours. We found out that people produce lots of garbage and they often throw the plastic waste on the ground.

A reason for this could be that almost nobody knows the Kwale Plastic Plus point, so they don’t know where to dispose of their plastic waste.

Our neighbours gave us their ideas on how to improve the garbage situation. For example collecting the garbage and storing it always at the same place so that the government can take care of it. Also education is an important point to be able to change the waste problem in the future.

Then we went to the beach to join Werner and Isabelle.

We met a fisherman collecting fish food. He always sees a lot of plastic waste in the sea while fishing.

They told us that they clean the beach every Wednesday, but if there is a lot of plastic waste they have to clean the beach every day. They also told us that sometimes they find people who want to help, but most aren’t interested in cleaning the environment.

Today was our first experience joining the beach cleaning group. We can encourage you, if you have never participated, to join the group every Wednesday. It is to enhance cleanliness in the country and the society.

Instead of burning, burying or throwing plastic bottles anywhere, we can reuse them. A good example is the bottle house we have in Nice View.

Nowadays there’s a lot of research on alternatives for plastic. Some of them are chicken feathers, liquid wood and glass. It’s very important to replace plastic because it pollutes the environment for more than 1000 years.

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UN Environment is the environment related department of the United Nations.