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Interview with Our Teacher Mr. Musogah

February 6, 2019

Reporter: What is your name/How old are you?
Teacher: Victor Musogah, and I am 29 years old.

Reporter: Where do you come from?
Teacher: I am from Chavakali town, Vihiga county in the western part of Kenya.

Reporter: What is your career?
Teacher: I am a teacher by profession.

Reporter: Which year did you start teaching?

Teacher: I started my profession officially in the year 2014.

Reporter: How many schools have you taught?
Teacher: I have taught in three different schools.

Reporter: Which subject do you teach?

Teacher: I teach Christian Religious Education.

Reporter: Do you like your job?

Teacher: Yes I do, because teaching is a calling and no one forced me to select teaching as my career.

Reporter: What are the challenges you face?

Teacher: I have never encountered any challenges in my teaching career.

Reporter: What are your hobbies
Teacher: I like singing and dancing.

Reporter: Are you married?
Teacher: I am married.

Reporter: What is your best class?
Teacher: In my perspective my best class is std.6

Reporter: Thank you for having an interview with you.

Teacher: Welcome.