Kuku na wali – Chicken and Rice. Cooking at Nice View Kitchen

Each day almost 150 pupils eat lunch in Nice View School. To prepare the food, they have their own kitchen. Some of the product, for example chicken and vegetables are produced by the school farm. Their food is prepared by Chief Abinayo. He is the cook. Together with his team he is responsable for the weekly menu.

This is the menu for the first week of February 2019. Apart from lunch Nice View School offers as well breakfast and dinner. But breakfast and dinner is only for the kids, that are permanently living in the children’s home. Right now, 43 children are living in the home.

Nice View kitchen preparing beans. The people working in the Nice View kitchen use gas to cook the food for the pupils in school.

After the chief chef is done with cooking, he and his team take part in serving the food. The chief and his team must be quick when serving. There are so many pupils that they eat in shifts. First the young ones are served and afterwards the others according to their age.

One of the kitchen members serving food to the school pupils.

A teacher receiving a meal from the counter.

In the Nice View dining room, around 40 pupils are eating at the same time. While they are eating the room is mostly quiet.

In Nice View pupils use the cutlery, for example fork and knife.

One of the pupils enjoying a meal at school. He is looking happy because of the taste of the food.

Interview with the chief

The reporters did this interview on Monday, 4th of February 2019.

Chief Chef: “I like cooking so much and that’s why I mostly cook at home as well.

Reporter: What is your name?
Chief Chef: Abinayo Makondo.

Reporter: What are the challenges you face?
Chief Chef: To know how many people to cook and to serve for while at the kitchen.

Reporter: How do people like your food?
Chief Chef: It depends, maybe some don’t like it or the quantity, because we give the amount that is enough for the pupil to avoid lack of concentration.

Reporter: Do you have a team in the kitchen?
Chief Chef: Yes of course, it consists of four to five people.

Reporter: How does the team arranges itself in the kitchen?
Chief Chef: We divide ourselves in groups in order to manage our time in a good way.

Reporter:  Do you also participate in home chores?
Chief Chef: Yes of course, because I like cooking so much and that’s why I mostly cook at home as well.

Reporter: Approximately how long does it take to prepare everything that is expected for the school in one day?
Chief Chef: We have a co-operative team. We take 1 hour to prepare everything and to start to prepare the break and the lunch we take roughly 2 hours.

Reporter: It was a great pleasure having you in this interview. Thank you.
Chief Chef: You’re welcome.

Chief Abinayo in front of his kitchen.

After lunch

There is still a lot of work after everybody was eating.

The kitchen team help in cleaning the dishes. They do quickly because the next group comes and eat next. They enjoy the team work.

Utensils are kept here so that the next group can get served easily.

After washing the utensils, they are arranged in the store.